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Beautiful Empowering Vocals by Tara Louise In B-Wright’s Newest Song “One Good Reason”

starcutmusic | March 11, 2022 New MusicNewsProgressive House


B-Wright teamed up with singer/songwriter Tara Louise to make this beautiful empowering song. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this one.

The production of his latest single, “One Good Reason,” has a world-class sound, which highlights B-Wright’s strong musical dynamics. It also displays B-Wright’s remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate some killer melodies with haunting soundscapes and a killer beat that’s really huge-sounding. From the energy of the four-on-the-floor drum pattern down to the many layers of melodic bliss, this song is uniquely arranged to connect with the audience.

He also teamed up with Tara Louise, who brought in some amazing vocal hooks. ”One Good Reason” is a quintessential EDM song, and B-Wright is the kind of artist who is always eager to bring a deeper creative touch to his music. Resulting in, making a difference with his vision and pushing the envelope in order to amplify the creativity of his remarkable vision. “One Good Reason”’s vibe speaks for itself, and it definitely speaks to the audience on a more personal level than most. Every element in the mix is tailored to perfection, offering a unique sound and a details-driven production that makes the listening experience all the more engaging, since there are many rewarding “ear candy” moment through the duration of the album. From the atmospheric sounds of the introduction, down to the personable essence of the vocals, anything goes.

Ultimately, “One Good Reason” is a great example of B-Wright’s artistry. Undoubtedly, B-Wright managed to challenge himself and come out on top on this one, as the sound of this track feels like a huge step forward. Lastly, B-Wright really set the bar higher in terms of bringing new creative ideas to his flow.

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About B-Wright:
Originating from Los Angeles, California B-Wright is an up-and-coming DJ/Producer ready to take the world by storm. While in college, B-Wright learned to produce music with his main influences being Avicii, Hardwell, and Alesso.  From progressive house to big room, he delivers melodic, catchy, and feel-good music. As a versatile producer, he is able to leave an impression on listeners. Undoubtedly, B-Wright is ready to set a mark in the industry as he has created his own record label. In an industry saturated by labels, B-Wright’s label stands out by delivering amazing music to the world. All in all, B-Wright is slowly climbing the ladder with a versatile discography and genuine ideas.

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