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Big Room House Party Starter ‘Turn Up’ Now Available

starcutmusic | October 18, 2019 Big Room HouseNew MusicNews

B-Wright returns with a powerful, melodic, and speaker-rattling big room single ‘Turn Up’. The single features an uplifting and big room melodic breakdown, anthemic buildup, and a festival-ready drop. The arrangement of the track recalls the ‘golden era’ of EDM. This single will make any listener want to jump and dance with the bass-heavy drop. ‘Turn Up’ does an incredible job of hyping people up with the anthemic buildups and the big room melodic progression. This song contains the classic build up featuring a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown before ultimately saying lets turn up in which then the drop comes blasting in. This is for those who are missing the good old big room house days when it was fairly new. This club banger can resound with any EDM fan as it brings back the classic EDM sounds that proved successful in any festival or club setting.

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