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Brand New Progressive House Anthem Titled ‘Never Lost’ Featuring Atmospheric Vocals

starcutmusic | July 12, 2019 New MusicNewsProgressive House

B-Wright returns with a progressive house anthem ‘Never Lost’. The breakdown of the single gives a nostalgic feel of the ‘golden era’ of EDM. Following the breakdown is a strong buildup introducing the main melody of the drop. Undoubtedly, this buildup can get any person moving and ready for the anthemic drop. Furthermore the driving bassline of the drop paired with the fast melody creates a song that can resonate with any EDM aficionado. On top of the catchy production, is an atmospheric vocal that will take hold of the listener. Moreover, ‘Never Lost’ is perfect for that long road trip drive, or that day at the beach, or for a night of partying. B-Wright successfully captures that sound that made many people fall in love with EDM. Firstly, those who are missing the good old progressive house music days then this song is a must listen. Secondly, the vocals in this song go perfectly well that will leave the listener wanting more. Imagine sitting under the stars with your love one and the feeling of security. Security that you will always have a place to go to and a loved one that will always be there by your side.

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