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Starcut Music Releases First Single Titled ‘Starcut’

starcutmusic | April 22, 2019 Big Room HouseNew MusicNews

The first ever single from Starcut Music, ‘Starcut’, is an atmospheric and empowering big room hit. Furthermore, powerful build ups quickly followed up by club-rattling drops with addictive synths and grand brass shots. Furthermore, the heart of the song comprises of memorable anthemic chord progressions in the breakdown. This leads to a hype-filled build up. Undoubtedly, this song will resonate with listeners and rattle clubs or festivals. This song is one of the ultimate club bangers that has been released in recent years. This song relives the glorious big room house days where these tracks were the highlights of any club or EDM festival. If you need a song to pump up your crowd or bring life to the party, then this is it. B-Wright proves with this single ‘Starcut’ that big room will never die. Surely this song never fails to electrify a DJ’s set or a listener’s playlist.

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